Target Video Game

Endcap Redesign

I designed this product display in a course on retail fixture systems. I was asked to select a fixture that could be redesigned to better suit the customer’s needs. 


I selected a Target video game gondola endcap due to my prior familiarity with the brand and many of its fixtures.

Existing Endcap & Opportunity Areas

Untitled_Artwork 1.png

Graphic text small, difficult to read

Graphics block view of merchandise from side

Associates are required to unlock cabinets

Varied merchandise lost in one large section

"New Releases" repeat

2 - 3 times

Stock storage often left empty, unutilized

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

Develop a more dynamic, sculptural form

Showcase newly released products

Increase accessibility,

literally and visually

Brand reinforcement

Maintain stock capacity

Goals and Strategy

Visual Ideation

Thumbnail sketches DSBS Final.jpg
Concept #1
Concept #2

Engaging sections

Acrylic case for

product presentation

Inviting layout, large

graphic space

Concept #3

Huge graphic area

Lots of inviting storage

space above and below

Presentation space
front and center

Sculptural, 180° form

Provides a variety of

graphic opportunities


Target FInal.png
Untitled_Artwork 4.png

Dynamic diagonal arrangement of graphics and merchandise

Graphics are breathable,

dynamic, exciting 

Glass case for focused

product presentation

Storage complimented

with graphics

Sides of display function as accessible storage areas 

Final Design

In the final product display, I split the large graphic, originally located on top, into two dynamically placed graphics with larger text and images. I also changed the header from "Nintendo" to read "Video Games" to expand flexibility. 

The storage space below has been slightly reduced in favor of side storage areas with easy to access compartments. Worries of theft could be easily monitored with light sensor systems such as those in use at brands like ULTA Beauty.

This model was designed in Rhinoceros 3D and rendered in Keyshot 9. 


Graphic Detail Bottom

Below, graphics relate to one another and draw the eye in to the overall composition.

Oval holes allow for easier opening of the glass doors.

Graphic Detail Side

Graphics on the side contrast diagonally to advertise major new releases.

The case in the front presents the newest system and games.

Thank you for viewing. 


Nintendo Switch product photos and Pokemon Promotional Images were taken from the website and are not owned by me. They were utilized for educational purposes. This is not a Target endorsed project.