RISD J+M Coursework

May 2019 

A series of hand fabricated jewelry that consider "order" and the stories behind making objects.

RISD J+M Coursework

Jun 2020 

A series of collaborative objects designed and made with a friend that discuss vocabulary, collaboration itself and trust. 

Project completed alongside Cicy Zhu

RISD J+M Coursework

Nov 2019 

A series of cast objects exploring the casting process and the nature of old vs. new. 

RISD J+M Coursework

May 2020 

Can wearable objects serve as guides, compasses or signs of grief for the wearer? 

Project completed in conversation with Cicy Zhu

RISD J+M Coursework

Nov 2019 

A pendant representing the familiar and blurred lines between knowing and failing to know and object. 

James Cradit is a designer and creative based in Providence, RI. 




Email: jmcradit@gmail.com

Phone: 618-713-1961