CVS Health Reusable

Bag Design

During my CVS Health internship, I was asked to design a line of reusable bags that focused on reinforcing the CVS Health brand image and promoted a sustainability message.


Brand initiatives and trends like BeautyIRL (in real life), CVS Health Hub, and #selfcare were asked to be included.

I started by gathering images of bags to inform my ideation process.

Reference Images and Mood Board

Visual Ideation & Brainstorm Session


Ideation Concepts

Many of these bags were ideated on alongside Sr. Copywriter Brian Masefield. I really wanted to play with a heavy graphic style to push the messages that the brief asked for. 

Some of my favorites are singled out below. 


One idea that I came up with was "screaming" the sustainability message as loud as possible. Achieved through simple, repetitive elements, this bag quickly and effectively gets the message across.

"This is my ______ bag"

In my brainstorm session with Brian, we came up with the idea of listing things that someone might "run to CVS" for. At the same time, it restates the importance of reusability in a positive light. It also subtly incorporates the beauty brand push with some of the items listed.

"Do Your Part" Bag

This bag plays on the idea of the individual and how doing your own part in reusing and recycling can affect the sustainability movement. The little CVS heart represents the individual. 

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