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Venezuela Country 

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While this project is not technically a "UX design" project, it shows an understanding of the way people look at visual data. My goal here has been to create an infographic that visually organizes information about Venezuela in a clean and engaging way. I sought feedback and critique from others several times throughout the design of the poster, making certain that it made sense for the viewers of the information. 


The infographic presents dozens of data points that cover Venezuelan geography, economy, and history from the most recent and reliable data available in 2020. The graphic is designed to be printed as two 18" x 24" posters displayed next to one another (presenting as 36" x 24"). To contextualize the data, the graphic compares statistics with Singapore, one of the tiniest countries by landmass, and the United States, a large country with a huge GDP and infrastructure. 

Due to the tumultuous state of Venezuelan society in and before 2020, some data presented here may differ depending on the source consulted. Sources utilized for this graphic include the World Bank, Encyclopedia Brittanica, the United States CIA, and a 2020 BBC article "Venezuela crisis in 300 words." Please contact me if you believe any of this information to be incorrectly stated.

Typeface used: 

Gotham Bold (36 pt, 21 pt, 10 pt), Gotham Light (14 pt, 12pt, 10 pt, 6 pt).

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