When I was a kid, I was hammering molten metal into cool shapes.


As a life-long maker, I’ve always had an unstoppable creativity and thoughtfulness, creating unique ideas and realizing them through my making process keeps me excited. Eager to meet and understand people, I’m always considering the way they will interact with the design, art, and music I create and the things others have created. I’m known for my equal love of learning and teaching as well as my humor, empathy, and passion for personal growth.



I graduated from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) in June of 2020 with a BFA degree in Industrial Design. I currently live in Providence, RI with my girlfriend and two mischievous cats. I'm passionate about great design, art-jewelry, music production and bonsai. 


Work History

In the past, I've worked with Aneira Pharma, CVS Health, Ross-Simons Jewelers, DUAL Architecture, Greenwich Interiors, and DownCity Design. This spans jobs in small studios, contract positions, and internships. 

Design Philosophy

I don't believe in specialization (we rarely face the same problem twice). The more diverse a designer's skillset, the more prepared they are to tackle new challenges and learn how to confront them. Constant learning, empathy, and exposure to new ideas are what make the most successful designers tick. 


Rhode Island School of Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Industrial Design

June 2020 Graduate, 3.9 GPA

Harvard Business School Online

Accounting, Analytics, Economics

CORe June 2020 Cohort


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

Rhino, Solidworks, Keyshot

Knowledge of manufacturing techniques

Lasercutting and 3D printing

Wood, metal, plastic fabrication

Microsoft Office


Passionate visual communicator and ideator

Outstanding presenter, facilitator, leader 

Collaborative, empathetic thinker

Rapid prototyping skills 

Skilled designer across mediums

Refined, articulate design process

Quick learner, adaptable

If you'd like a copy of my resume, please contact me below. 

CVS Health

Woonsocket, RI

Store Experience Intern

Worked collaboratively to develop merchandise and graphic applications for CVS stores. Created a company-wide initiative and personally presented it to the CMO. 

Luxury Brand Holdings

Cranston, RI

Store Experience Design Assistant

Supported the lead designer in the development of innovative jewelry retail displays showcasing products in the 

storefront of Ross-Simons jewelry stores.

DUAL Architecture

Providence, RI

Exhibit Design Intern

Independently designed and installed an unconventional, educational urban planning exhibit inside the Johnson & Wales University Yena Center library.

Greenwich Interiors

Greenwich, CT

Interior Design Intern

Refreshed brand identity with a modern aesthetic via logo design, typeface selection, website modernization and new visual asset creation. Assured on-site installation and custom piece review for WWE headquarters.

DownCity Design

Providence, RI

Design Educator

Worked collaboratively alongside the lead educator in the implementation of a design curriculum for children. Led projects centered around sustainability and coached student presentation skills (ages 7-12).

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phone: 618-713-1961

email: jmcradit@gmail.com